Dr. Mary Mason, A Doctor Turned Entrepreneur, Shares Her Journey

Dr. Mary Mason, the visionary founder of Little Medical School, is a multi-talented and passionate individual. A board-certified internist, mother of three, doctor’s wife, former C-suite executive for a Fortune 25 company, and a dedicated entrepreneur, she brings a wealth of experience to her innovative educational programs. Little Medical School’s mission is to inspire and shape the future of healthcare by providing children aged 1-14 with immersive, hands-on, role-playing experiences that utilize real medical tools and engaging, meticulously designed activities created by their expert educational staff.

The inception of Little Medical School was deeply rooted in Dr. Mason’s own childhood experiences. She fondly recalls her eagerness to learn from her mother, a trailblazing physician herself, and her excitement in exploring medical tools and concepts. Driven by her desire to recreate those formative moments, she founded Little Medical School to expose children to the fascinating world of medicine. Through role-playing activities, children learn real-life skills such as handling medical emergencies, using a first aid kit, and preventing hypothermia, all while envisioning themselves in healthcare careers.

Dr. Mason attributes her success to her unwavering passion and belief in her business’s transformative impact. A customer-centric approach is at the core of Little Medical School, and Dr. Mason emphasizes the importance of learning from and collaborating with other women entrepreneurs on her entrepreneurial journey.

For women starting a business, Dr. Mason offers three insightful pieces of advice:

  • Stick to areas you know well.
  • Seek simple yet effective solutions to common problems.
  • Never allow others to make you doubt your business plan or model.

Little Medical School transcends the traditional methods of teaching basic health concepts to children. Instead, it provides a unique, immersive experience that imparts knowledge of how their bodies work and encourages them to visualize themselves in future healthcare careers.

Dr. Mason strongly advocates word-of-mouth marketing, as she believes that satisfied customers sharing their experiences can significantly impact a business’s growth. She emphasizes the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations and addressing any disappointments promptly and empathetically. As the CEO, she is responsible for ensuring that customers receive the best possible experience and is eager to coach franchisees when they fail to deliver on that promise.

Little Medical School stands as a testament to the powerful effect of early exposure and hands-on experiences in shaping the aspirations and interests of young minds. By focusing on empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals, Dr. Mary Mason’s inspiring journey demonstrates the power of passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit in making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of countless children.

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