Dr. Ketam Hamdan is Transforming the Way to Treat Toxic Relationships Using Brain Science


Dr. Ketam Hamdan is leading the way in changing how to treat mental health problems by using innovative technologies that show people what is happening in their brain.

Dr. Hamdan is a highly accomplished and purpose-driven individual with two Ivy League degrees and a licensed therapist in many different modalities including biofeedback and neurofeedback. Her unique stance on healing through a fusion of multiple disciplines that include psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, and leadership has inspired and transformed mindsets. Through her counseling, she has cultivated vision and value-led leaders that learn how their brain, body, and soul work together. Her personal struggle with therapy and failed relationships led her to focus on her healing. It resulted in her revolutionary and unorthodox approach, which forms the basis in the unification of western psychological knowledge, brain science and ancient eastern wisdom.

After completing her education, Dr. Hamdan pursued a flourishing career as a corporate brand strategist in Dubai. She had everything anyone could ask for and yet felt empty from within. Her journey through self-awareness opened her to new opportunities and led her to her passion for psychology. She says, “I always was amazed how lonely it was at the top and how people turn off their souls when they go to work. I decided to research and figure this out because I also did the same and knew this was unhealthy. I learned that integrating your soul at work was the key to success.”

Dr. Hamdan also shared her personal mental health challenges with toxic relationships that required healing. When traditional therapy did not heal her or address her problem of being attracted to toxic men, she decided to heal herself through a more integrated approach that unified concepts of brain science, psychology, and spirituality. Bit by bit, she picked herself up, learned about her unconscious issues that needed to be healed and understood more about how the brain and body works to emerge stronger than ever.

Today, Dr. Hamdan has founded her private clinic Brain Health Centre to heal patients from all walks of life. She is also working tirelessly to remove the stigma and raise awareness around mental health problems through her social media influence. Dr. Hamdan is also the Managing Director of Annisa Mental Health organization which aims to provide help, hope, and healing for women of domestic violence in underserved populations. She is committed to serving and helping others have a more sustainable smile on their face by educating them about how their brain works and what they need to do to heal. She is committed to empowering people to heal themselves by understanding themselves. She says, “Most people do not know themselves, what are their fears? “Where are emotions in their body or brain?” How do you regulate yourself when you are stuck? “How to awaken hope inside of you?”

Dr. Hamdan believes that every human has a purpose in life, and our traumas get in the way of our pursuing our true goal. This is why she has made it her life’s goal to help others understand their purpose, look within their souls and expose the traumas to heal. As a brain health expert, she is using her influence and deep understanding of relationships to help people recover from traumas in relationships and live more meaningful lives.

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