Imagine a muscle release so extraordinary that it feels like all the stiffness and tension in your joints lifts away with one satisfying POP.

If you’ve been to a good chiropractor you understand that blissful moment of pain melting away. It’s a feeling like no other, and only the most trusted and skilled of chiropractic doctors can help you to achieve it and keep it – as in, the problems stay away once fixed, instead of creeping back up on you again.

Chiropractic adjustments have long been misunderstood. Those who visit a chiropractor understand the necessity as vital to one’s wellness routine. Those who haven’t been, may not fully be aware of all its benefits. Dr. Jason Worrall joins host Brian Calle on today’s episode of the L.A. Weekly weekly podcast to unveil some of the mystery behind the practice, as well as explain the allure.

“I’m a speaker, a healer and a teacher, and that’s really my mission and my purpose,” introduces Dr. Worrall. “And I love all of my people. I feel like it’s a privilege that I have a license as a professional, as a doctor, a wellness doctor, a chiropractor to serve the people.”

With 1.09 million subscribers on YouTube, Dr. Worrall is a popular guy. A passionate speaker, healer, teacher and world-class chiropractor, he’s the go-to guy for Hollywood adjustments.

“People really travel to see me from all over the world, and I’m super blessed in that,” smiles the doctor. “I have a lot of A-list patients like Eva Longoria, Jason Statham, as well as NFL, NBA and UFC fighters. People like that, in addition to the corporate athletes and all of the people like myself, yourself in L.A., come to see me.”

“I’m known all over the world for my adjusting skill and my bedside manner, which is really kind of humbling because I’m just being myself,” he furthers. “My mom always taught me to love and respect everybody, so that’s what I do. I call what I have a ‘high love practice,’ meaning there’s a lot of love and we’re blessed to serve a lot of people.”

Dr. Worrall’s loving and friendly approach to his practice has garnered him quite the social media following. His satisfying chiropractic adjustment videos have in fact gone viral, several times.

“It really grew organically,” insists Dr. Worrall. “I started getting so many comments and viewers being like: ‘Oh, my God, the way he treats his people, he’s so loving his bedside manner!’”

He had spent so many years deep in the world of chiropractic knowledge, getting his degrees and starting his practice, that he didn’t realize that not only did a lot of people not know the benefits of visiting a chiropractor, but they also didn’t know that healthcare could be kind and accommodating.

“The word healthcare has negative brand equity in the market. Because people do not associate healthcare with either health or with caring,” he says.

He does, but not only because he’s an example of a caring doctor. When he was 16 he was the victim of a terrible car accident that left him injured and in pain. As part of his healing process, he began seeing a chiropractor whom he credits for not only giving him back his body, but bringing clarity to his mind.

“I’ve never breathed better in my life,” he remembers.

He’s experienced the benefit of a good chiropractic clinician, and he knows that he doesn’t need to convince anyone of the practice’s benefit.

“I dropped convincing or persuading people many, many years ago and fortunately or unfortunately, many people come to me as a last resort,” he shares. “They’ve literally been to multiple medical doctors, orthopedics, neurologists, etc … and no one has helped.” So, he helps them. And then they get it.

From the art of the practice to the miracle healings he’s witnessed, listen to the L.A. Weekly weekly podcast to learn more about the practice that this doctor thinks should be a part of everyone’s wellness journey.

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