Dr. Ahmet Murat: The Best Hair Transplant Doctor To Know

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Hair is a good health and well-being sign, and Dr. Ahmet Murat is a best hair transplant doctor in the world to bring your beautiful hair back to you. Everyone usually has high expectations from their hair transplant procedures, but not all hair transplant surgeons exceed them.

Dr. Ahmet Murat is a specialist who has completely devoted his life to the hair transplant industry. His career is full of life stories and success, and all the details of it can inspire you.

He has won multiple awards as the best hair transplant surgeon.

Dr. Ahmet Murat Supervises All The Transplants At Hermest Hair Clinic

Dr. Ahmet Murat supervises all the hair transplant services at Hermest hair clinic. Hermest hair clinic is arguably the leading hair transplant clinic in Turkey which is popular for its high-standard services and world-class, innovative hair transplant treatments.

Hermest hair clinic offers innovative procedures and helps people achieve a 99% hair retention rate with Unique FUE. The clinic offers 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction because Dr. Ahmet Murat pays close attention to every procedure performed at this hair clinic.

The entire team working at Hermest hair clinic is trained and supervised by Dr. Ahmet Murat who is best hair transplant doctor in Turkey. Therefore, every specialist offering hair transplant procedure here is expert and well-trained in whatever procedure they perform.

Being A Cardiologist Helps Dr. Ahmet Murat Eliminate Risks From Hair Transplant Procedures

Dr. Ahmet Murat has completed his specialization in cardiology, which also helped him succeed in his hair transplant career.

He researched the key reasons that cause risks in hair transplant procedures concerning other health issues. He took himself to gain expertise and knowledge in the field linked with cardiology. The study in cardiology helped him dedicate his life to preventing and intervening in such complications by starting a study in the cardiology field.

It led Dr. Ahmet Murat to start his specialization in the cardiology field once again, which he completed in 2015 somehow. Being a cardiology specialist was vital for him to eliminate all the potential risks from hair transplant procedures. It is because the cardiology specialization helped him understand and discard the risks regarding blood vessels and the heart. The expertise helped him intervene in any possible complication related to heart health during his hair transplant procedures.

By preventing the negativities mentioned above, he made hair transplantation completely safe. He takes his patient under protection to let no failure occur throughout the process.

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Dr. Murat Has Been Training Hair Transplant Surgeons For Years

Dr. Ahmet Murat has spent over 3 decades in the hair transplant industry. He has done research, brought innovation, and ensured optimal safety in hair transplant procedures. He aimed at removing all the risks from hair transplant procedures and making it an entirely safe treatment option for everyone. Throughout his years of research and experience, he has reached the proficiency level of eliminating death risks from hair transplant procedures.

Now he has been training other hair transplant surgeons about his findings through research and techniques to adopt for safe hair transplant treatment.

He has been training hair transplant surgeons worldwide for the past five years. Throughout these years, Dr. Ahmet Murat has trained numerous surgeons from Germany, the USA, the UK, Japan, and more.

He shares his experience, expertise, and research with these hair transplant surgeons to make them well-trained. So they can provide the best and safe hair transplant procedures on the go.


Dr. Ahmet Murat Pioneered The “ALL IN-SAFETY PACKAGE™.”

Besides ensuring improved hair transplant results, Dr. Ahmet Murat is dedicated to ensuring the safest hair transplant procedure at Hermest hair clinic.

  • Ahmet Murat and his professional team have introduced the ALL IN-SAFETY PACKAGE™ at Hermest hair clinic. The package is aimed at providing new standards in the hair transplantation industry.
  • The package mainly focuses on the risks a patient could experience during their hair transplant procedure.
  • ALL IN-SAFETY PACKAGE™ aims to reduce all these risk factors in the maximum possible way.
  • Ahmet Murat ensures to provides careful consideration, and a team of specialized surgeons performs the hair transplant procedure under this package.

In conclusion, Dr. Ahmet Murat has spent most of his career making hair transplant procedures safe and efficient for everyone. His devotion, passion, experience, and expertise have helped him achieve a name in the industry.

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