Special thanks to LAist's Zach Behrens for flagging Eric Richardson's blogdowntown post delving into the maw of bureaucracy to retrieve a city's good intentions. Of course, L.A.'s streets have been paved with plenty of those over the years. This time the story is about how the city shut down a pair of pedicab companies vying for trade among downtown commuters wishing to be whisked from bars to work to trains to clubs, although not necessarily in that order. The city buried the two nonpermitted outfits' dreams under the familiar tombstone engraved “To Study.”

Now, however, it turns out that someone really did do some studies and has come back with a modest proposal — and lots of red tape. Among the rules of the road: “Driver must be attired in a shirt with sleeves, and a collar, pants or shorts (no sweat pants) with a belt and black shoes.” Got that? No blue suede shoes or suspenders.

Naturally, passengers will have to wear helmets and seat belts,

although there's no word yet if Homeland Security will get involved. Despite all the Do's and Don'ts, we have a feeling that if

pedicabs ever get off — we mean — on the ground, there'll immediately be

a wave of pirate pedicab operators, with slow-speed pursuits by cops

not far behind. What's next — rickshaws? The city's Board of

Transportation gets the rules for its consideration this Thursday.

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