The Los Angeles City Attorney's office this week claimed another victory in its war against illegal “supergraphic” signs and billboards: A judge ordered Big Image LLC and Star Olympic Real Estate Inc. to remove a massive advertisement on the latter's building at 2555 E. Olympic Blvd. southeast of downtown, according to a statement from the office.

The defendants have until next Thursday to take down the 5,000-square-foot sign, which faces the 10 freeway, or post $1 million bond each.

A criminal complaint also alleges the suspects here — Big Image, its CEO, Jack Fleishman, Star Olympic Real Estate, and its president, Ronald Massmanput — put up the ad in violation of state laws that regulate the size and placement of signs.

If convicted the suspects could face $45,000 in fines and penalties and up to six years in jail, according to the City Attorney's office.

The city outlawed such supergraphics last year, but they remain a lucrative and thriving business in Los Angeles.

LA Weekly