Dow Janes Gives Women+ More Choices and Louder Voices

It’s been a busy year for Dow Janes. Founded in 2019, the financial education company focused on women+ has gone from strength to strength in 2023, including launching its all-new Intentional Investing program. Intentional Investing is Dow Janes’ advanced investing course for women+ ready to become confident investors with personal portfolios.

Intentional Investing joins the organization’s existing Million Dollar Year and Wealth-Building Accelerator programs. Million Dollar Year is a wildly successful, year-long group coaching program. Wealth-Building Accelerator, meanwhile, is a dedicated one-to-one program designed to help women+ save and invest an extra $10,000 annually.

Together, Dow Janes and its team’s offering give women+ more choices and louder voices through unsurpassed individual freedoms. Nowhere is this better reflected than in the financial education company’s ever-growing collection of success stories.

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Dow Janes Success Stories

Countless Dow Janes reviews demonstrate precisely how effective the organization’s various programs are in granting women+ worldwide the ability to find their voices and access better choices in life.

Savings for the First Time in My Life

“I joined Dow Janes because it was time to rewrite the story of scarcity I’d carried with me since childhood about money. I was ready to be an example for my nine-year-old son,” says yoga instructor Veronica. “I’m blown away. I’ve gone from $8,000 in credit card debt to now having $0 in credit card debt!” she adds. “I have savings for the first time in my life.”

I’m Doing What I Love!

Client Stella, a chef, reports a similarly positive experience. “Before Dow Janes, my income was decent, but I had zero visibility over whether I was saving money or how much. I was too overwhelmed by the prospect of budgeting and honestly too scared to even look at my fixed costs and spending habits,” she explains.

“I’d tried apps like Mint but never felt they were personalized enough to help me with my specific hang-ups. Thanks to Dow Janes, I’ve since quit my job and taken a dramatic pay cut to pursue my dream of starting a restaurant,” Stella reveals.

“And despite my reduced income, I have so much more confidence to know I can budget effectively and make it work – and I’m doing what I love! I’m so grateful to Dow Janes and the community of women+ it introduced me to!” adds Stella, wrapping up her Dow Janes review.

Eye-Opening and Inspirational

Meanwhile, data manager Maureen explains how Dow Janes’ focus on the relationships women+ have with money really resonated with her. “What drew me to the Million Dollar Year was its curriculum with a feminine focus – it really spoke to me. From the start, instead of focusing on the numbers, it had me look at my relationship with money first,” she reveals.

“It was eye-opening and inspirational. The step-by-step instruction had me looking at my finances in an organized and understandable way,” Maureen goes on. “It’s never too late to be empowered by your finances. Now, I’m excited and inspired about my financial future and plan on making an even greater contribution to the world.”

A Huge Impact on My Life

And last but by no means least, a similarly glowing Dow Janes review from luxury trip designer Lauren. “I’ve been a part of the Million Dollar Year for six months, and it’s had a huge impact on my life. It has totally changed my habits and outlook on money,” travel expert Lauren reveals.

“It’s removed the stress and anxiety. As an independent woman, I can care for myself, no matter what happens,” she continues. “It’s so freeing.”

Find Your Voice

Dow Janes is the world’s largest financial education company focused on women+. More than 400,000 women+ have attended its online classes and receive its weekly newsletter. The organization has also worked directly with over 16,000 women+ in its programs.

The organization and its team know that women+ face unique financial challenges daily. They’re out to address these challenges, giving women+ more choices and louder voices in the process. Find out more exclusively


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