From the Creep File comes the story of 51-year-old Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, who reportedly married his 16-year-old victim sweetheart, beauty contestant and aspiring country singer Courtney Stodden.

We were double checking the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1. And no, the story didn't come from ChristWire (unfortunately).

No, folks, this shit is real:

E! Online has been all over the story and assures us that the underage teen looks years older.

And the site even checked in with the experts who say the Vegas wedding of the two, who will live in the Hollywood Hills, was legit because her mom signed off on it. (Or maybe not, because her apparently AWOL dad did not).

If we were Stodden's dad there would be a shotgun, but not a wedding.

Alas, Hutchison is still alive, and friends of the two gave up the old they're-very-much-in-love quotes. Really.

However creepy Hugh Hefner's serial boning (and marrying) of bunnies one-fourth his age, at least … at least! … they're friggin' legal.

Which brings us to the question E! Online dared not ask its legal experts: Is it legal for these two to have sex? Not according our reading of the law: It would still be statutory rape.

So, yeah. Perfectly healthy, perfectly normal.


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