Around New Year's Harry Burkhart went on an arson spree that terrorized Los Angeles, prosecutors say. And one of his reported motives was that his dear mother, a woman who ran an erotic massage business out of the same apartment building where the pair lived, was going to be extradited back to Germany.

Well, more than 50 arson fires later, including a three day spree that ended the day after New Year's, and mom is still going back to Germany, it would seem:

U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Thom Mrozek this morning announced that …

… United States Magistrate Judge Charles F. Eick has just issued the (attached) order finding that Dorothee Burkhart should be extradited to Germany.

She was wanted there for, among other things, failing to pay a 2004 bill for breast-augmentation surgery. The entire German case against her includes 16 counts of fraud, according to the extradition order.

Other allegations, according to the order, include stuff like this:

On July 23, 2006, Ms. Burkhart pretended to be the landlady and owner of an apartment, and pretended to be willing and authorized to let the apartment to the victim, thereby inducing the victim to pay Ms. Burkhart 1,695 Euros as the deposit and first

month's rent.

Mrozek says she won't be put on a plane to Germany anytime soon. There will be complicated “procedural roads” that will have to be followed. And those will take time.

Because of the pending extradition, Harry Burkhart reportedly mouthed, “I hate America” during his arrest Jan. 2 not far from some of the fires that continued to smolder.

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