Christopher Dorner, the man accused of being a “domestic terrorist” who has targeted cops and allegedly killed three, was afraid of … his ex.

In fact, in court documents in which he sought a protective order against the woman, Dorner stated that he was “in fear for my life,” according to NBC Los Angeles.

Forget drones and SWAT teams. Hell hath no fury:

According to NBC and other reports, Dorner had troubled relationships with women. The ex in question here was an LAPD officer.

His quest for a protective order alleged that the woman boasted of her ability to kill (ostensibly because of her law enforcement training).

The disgraced ex-cop apparently accused her of attempting to gain access to his credit union account.

That episode made it to the famous, alleged manifesto in which the LAPD and its perceived culture of racism were blamed for Dorner's firing. It says the department failed to act:

You allow an officer to attempt to hack into my credit union account and remain on the job.

A separate relationship, a marriage to a Los Angeles County deputy sheriff, reportedly lasted 19 days.

And a woman he saw in 2006 reported Dorner to DontDateHimGirl.com.

Tough guy.

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