Ah, Silver Lake, that bumpy, peculiar quarter of sprawling Los Angeles. At one time or another, each of us has gotten lost there, made violent love there, partied, rocked, rolled and raved there. Hell, a few of us have even gotten shanked there, but for some impossible reason, we keep swinging, like the needle of a compass, smack-dab back to it. Silver Lake is a steamy, teeming sociocultural petri dish, loaded with every ilk and stripe — artists, poets, vatos, abuelitas, GBLT dreamers, indie screamers and underworld schemers — and this weekend's Silver Lake Jubilee aims to concentrate and intensify the experience on a drastic scale. Myra Avenue between San Mo' and Fountain will be closed, and the street will be transmogrified into a veritable wonderland of nonstop indie rock, with savory delicacies and spiced-up dainties courtesy of some 40 different vendors (34 of 'em dispensed from those suddenly indispensable food trucks) and a wild spectrum of artists and athletes (from presentations by the Moving Arts Theater Company to those fractious, high-flying L.A. Derby Dolls). Along the way, you'll encounter four interactive villages dedicated, respectively, to kiddie activities, art, literature and, naturlich , an “eco” burg (just in case you're concentrating on transitory enjoyment instead of confronting the fact that you, personally, are destroying the planet). The musical acts range from intense Spanish-born rocker Nico Stai (pictured) and Silver Lake stalwarts the Radar Bros to Wait.Think.Fast's Latin-tinged gems, with dozens of additional grinders, growlers and groove wranglers. A dizzying, delicious prospect.

May 22-23, 2010

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