Avoiding drinking and driving in L.A. is a little more inviting than in other towns. We don't have the public transportation grid seen in other cities, making it a pain to get around. And forget about taxis, which can ream you for a quick ride to Hollywood.

Boo-hoo. We know. You could always just stay home. But on this night people are making it easier for you to party legally. Metro has free rides. No ass, grass or gas needed:

The transportation authority says bus and train rides are gratis from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. in hopes you'll get home safe.

The idea, says Metro, is to “provide safe transportation and reduce holiday traffic congestion.”

Of course, if you head home after the bars close like, oh, say, EVERYBODY, you're SOL. And buses and trains are running on a limited, Sunday schedule today.

Other than that, good luck.

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