The food at Salt's Cure is of excellent quality, but the servers don't get too precious about the menu. Which works out nicely, because there's a good chance you'll call their off-menu item a “Grand Slam,” given that the real name is “All Star,” and it's a play on the Denny's classic.

The Salt's Cure version actually comes with more items than the original: Here, you'll get two sausage patties, two strips of bacon, two eggs, the oatmeal griddle cakes with cinnamon-molasses butter and a biscuit with jam. It's $20 to Denny's $7.99, but the quality is almost infinitely better, with everything, including the sausage, made in-house.

The crispy bacon and the sweet, butter-soaked cakes are particular works of art. You'll probably need a nap after eating this collection of breakfast items; if you pair the platter with the spicy tequila Fire Island cocktail, you'll probably need a long nap. It's a great way to spend a Saturday.

1155 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood; (323) 465-7258,

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