self-cleaning oven, so why introduce unnecessary cleaning aids into the kitchen?
Basically, douching upsets her vagina's own natural balance – it's home to the friendly and helpful Lactobacilli (good bacteria). This Lactobacilli keeps other bad bacteria in check, and when douching is introduced, the helpful Lactobacilli balance is disturbed and bad bacteria can flourish.

That can lead to bacterial vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and it can bring on some serious yeast infections.  

Plus, if you're preggers, stay away from the douche for the sake of your fetus.

But enough of this alarmist rhetoric. I get that douching makes some women feel spring clean, but washing yourself can do the trick too. And if you notice a really bad smell, or you feel itchy…well, then go to a doctor, because that's what you need to do anyway.

If you still want to douche, it may be best to get a doctor's recommendation. When doctors do suggest douching, it's usually with a Lactobacilli-rich Acidophilus douche, which can be found in certain health food stores.

In the meantime, enjoy the scents of a woman. It's part of what makes us who we are! 

Suat Eman.

LA Weekly