Donald Sterling is something like a Jekyll and Hyde of Los Angeles society for some. If you've seen his full-page ads in the Los Angeles Times, you'd think he was the city's greatest humanitarian. Ever.

But if you've read some the lawsuits against him, you'd see that he's been accused of discrimination at the apartments he owns (he paid a record $2.7 million settlement), age discrimination with one of the coaches he employed (that suit was recently rejected) and, well, doing good work for the homeless that wasn't really done.

His Wikipedia once reflected both the good and the controversial. But no longer. It appears to have been scrubbed like a baby's bottom after birth:

Deadspin noticed that his page has gone from having a six-page “controversies” section to having none. But “heartwarming notes” have been added, according to the site.

Ah, when Sterling's not #winning as owner of the Clippers, he's (allegedly) polishing his image. Good man.

What's funny is that Deadspin wonders aloud if it was done not-so-surreptitiously by one of Sterling's publicists, Seth Burton.

The handle of the Wikipedia user who gave the page a better cleaning than the Real Nannies of Beverly Hills: Sburtonclips3335.

Hmm. Awkward.

You know what's cool about Wikipedia? Anyone can go there and weigh in.

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