Domenic Haynes is Going Crazy: Tampa R&B singer Domenic Haynes was a big favorite with viewers, and Adam Levine, when he appeared on The Voice a couple of years ago. But of course, these music TV contests can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, he got the exposure. But the last thing he wants it to be labeled a “reality TV star” for eternity

That’s not likely. Not least because new single “Crazy” is a gorgeous little summer R&B number. Still, he’s frustrated in love, singing: “I’m just so tired of chasing you, Round my mind, I’ve decided your worth more time, Then you’re giving.”

According to the press release, “Growing up, Domenic relocated regularly with his family but found a deep connection to mother nature that grounded him and helped him combat mental health troubles. His ability to root himself to earth has resulted in a deeply holistic and timeless sound that serves as a safe haven for listeners to find healing and belonging.”

Domenic Haynes is Going Crazy: “Crazy” is out now.

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