Rob $tone and Rubi Rose are Loving it: San Diego rapper Rob $tone has joined forces with Rubi Rose for bonafide summer banger “I Love It.” The theme of the song is sex. Pure and simple, birds-and-bees, boinking.

“Baby got ass on her, If she throw that ass back, I’ma catch one, Touchdown,” raps $tone, employing the best sports-fuckfest metaphor since Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”

According to $tone, it was LA Weekly writer Shirley Ju that hooked him up with Rose: “Diego [Ave, producer] said ‘bro, we gotta get Rubi on this.’ I hit Shirley Ju up, seen she was just with Rubi. Rubi pulled up for the video, everything was real cool. Shout out to Rubi for being down-to-earth, real sweet, a real humble person. I’m excited to get this one out to the world!”

The video fits the overall theme. $tone is reading the paper while Rose and her friends are cleaning his house in French maid outfits that are utterly unsuited to dusting and vacuuming. Rather, they’re grinding all over everything. But fear not, for when Rose has her turn at the mic, she lets $tone know what she wants from him too.

Rob $tone and Rubi Rose are Loving it: The “I Love It” single is out now.

LA Weekly