We're longtime fans of Bloody Death Skull's morbidly catchy, ukulele-fueled garage rock. So when BDS frontwoman (and occasional L.A. Weekly contributor) Daiana Feuer offered to let us premiere the band's latest video, how could we say no?

The stop-motion “Betsy's Back” brings back some Barbie dolls that Bloody Death Skull fans might recognize from their previous “Girls Like You” video, along with a new star, whom Feuer describes as “a tall naked girl I found on a pile of dismembered dolls at a flea market. Her gaze is penetrating and serene. She towers over everything and yet is feminine and delicate, but maybe clunky.” The video was shot over about 35 hours in Big Bear, knee-deep in snow. Who needs CGI when you've got sheer determination and a good pair of wool socks?

“Betsy's Back” is from Bloody Death Skull's latest EP, The Haunting of Bloody Death Skull, available now via Bandcamp. You can catch BDS live — possibly even with their new doll starlet in tow — on Friday, Dec. 23, at Taix and at Resident on Wednesday, Dec. 28.

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