Oh, poor Los Angeles Times. A perfectly good story about City Hall's ebb and flow when it comes to leaders' pronouncements about exactly what cutbacks will be needed to avoid whatever economic catastrophe du jour (a topic the Weekly has also hit on) is being touted was scarred with a small typo: City Hall's “credibility is strained,” the Times' deck stated Wednesday. Except, in the print edition and in an earlier online version, the word was spelled crediblity. As in compatiblity. Or reliablity.

The story of the Times questioning the credibility of budget numbers then misspelling the key word that makes the paper itself a beacon of truth here in L.A. took off when LAObserved posted an item about the error and then Gawker picked up on the story. We make such errors on a regular basis here at LA Daily, so we're just glad this blog doesn't go into print.

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