The initiative that would legalize medical marijuana doesn't do much to change where cannabis comes from.

And where it comes from is anybody's guess, except that it's clear that even in this era of medical marijuana, Mexican cartels, illicit grow houses and other volume dealers are in business when those who approved Prop. 215 in 1996 only really wanted sick folks to cultivate and share weed on a nonprofit basis.

If anything, Prop. 19 would do little to change the shady supply lines of marijuana, leading one cannabis supporter to just say no to voting for the November ballot measure.

Our commenter du jour says Prop. 19 doesn't provide enough “limits,” including how and where pot can be used:

NO on Prop 19. I'm a Californian and a supporter of legalizing the drug, but not with this POORLY written initiative. It doesn't provide legal limits, it doesn't offer a test to make sure people are within safe consumption before they operate on someone or with heavy machinery. The federal government will still be able to arrest you if they find you with it, since the federal and the state governments are two different entities and the Feds will win. This prop isn't going to make us more money, isn't going to make us any safer and isn't going to “liberate” us from anyone's oppression. This Prop needs to be rewritten, and THEN I will support a firm YES.

Do you think Prop. 19 goes far enough in limiting where pot would come from and how it would be used?

LA Weekly