You knew it. You thought it. But you kept it to yourself. iPad. Funny name. What if they came up with the iPon? Should be an SNL skit (probably will be an SNL skit). Well, in this world of social media and tweets by the millisecond, no unmentionable, private thought stays that way for long.

On Twitter “iTampon” was one of the hottest “trending topics” Thursday. A user named cq_ had a typical tweet: ” … “Obviously Apple didn't do their homework when choosing a name … .”

A user with the name jose_oquendo asks, “If you had an iTampon, what song would your vag be listening to right now?”

Even the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper is onto the story, with Kira Cochrane asking, “Were there no women there” when Apple developed the name for its latest must-have device?

“Did no one raise their hand with a weary grimace and say, 'You know what, guys, this is kinda obvious, but this word has other associations for me . . . Namely blood,'” she writes. “'Menstrual blood. Oh, and cramps. Also, painkillers. And sometimes shame. Don't forget the shame.'”

Something to think about, Mr. Jobs.

And finally, we end this tasteful post (or, rather, put it out of its misery) with this tweet from @annol: “#iTampon? I hope it still works when wet.”

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