The MLB scene has been getting super intense around L.A. the last couple days, what with the Giants pitcher crashing his car in West Hollywood, fan banners warring in 90-degree heat and crazed Dodgers dudes throwing violent fits in the parking lot (really uncool, by the way).

So, in the spirit of remembering it's just a freaking sport, we think it's time for a little snuggie action up in our Dodger days, via LA Taco — the same heroes who brought you the “Giants Suck” retaliation banner yesterday.

And who better to model the thing than shmexy first baseman James Loney?

Now that's what we call L.A. spirit. The comfy kind! If you're not lucky enough to win one at the giveaway during Sunday's final game versus the Giants, they can also be ordered from many a random retailer across the great wide world of snuggies that is the Internet.

What we wouldn't give to be wrapped in one of those babies on a stadium bench with like six Doyer Dogs right about now. And tomorrow. And the next day. And forever.


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