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​It'll be Vicente Padilla going for the Dodgers in Game 5 in Philly on Wednesday. Padilla has been solid since coming over late in the season, and he's been even better in the playoffs. He didn't get the Game 2 victory, but his effort made it possible for the Dodgers to pick up the win.

It's actually Clayton Kershaw's turn in the rotation, but Joe Torre probably decided that was too much pressure to put on the shoulders of the 21-year-old pitcher, especially on the road. If the Dodgers win Wednesday, look for Kershaw to start Game 6 in LA on Friday. 

In other news, the Dodgers on Tuesday extended the contract of GM Ned Colletti. He's been very successful here, starting with pulling off the trade that brought Andre Ethier to town. And he's been particularly adept at picking up players without spending too much of Frank McCourt's money. Those players include Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake, Ronnie Belliard, and Padilla. But it's difficult right now not to think about the trade he didn't make. Colletti apparently didn't want to part with the players–reportedly prospects–that the Indians wanted for Cliff Lee. Instead the ace lefty went to the Phillies for…prospects. And we know how that's worked out. Should the Dodgers win Game 5, they'll have to face Lee again in Game 6.

–Doesn't TBS analyst and former player and manager Buck Martinez have an incredibly annoying voice? In “Seinfeld” parlance, he's a bit of a high talker. On the other hand, he's partnered with former pitcher Ron Darling, who is probably the smartest analyst working today. (He attended Yale but was drafted and left school before graduating.) I'd love to see Darling paired with Joe Buck, who's doing play-by-play for the ALCS on Fox. Buck's partner is Tim McCarver, who is good, but his stories are getting a little old.
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