Cops are planning to swarm Dodger stadium and nearby Elysian Park on opening day tomorrow.

If you remember last year's opening day, then you know why. Among the violence that broke out was the horrific beating of Giant's fan Bryan Stow, who was put in a coma.

The LAPD today said it was prepared to crack down on alcohol drinking not only in the parking lots of Dodger Stadium but in the nearby parks:

The Dodgers will face the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:10 p.m.

LAPD spokesman Richard French told us:

The main point is to assure people there will be additional police officers not only in Dodger Stadium but beyond Dodger Stadium, where there are parks and people gather.

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Dodger Stadium officials tell us no alcohol is allowed in the parking lot, even though the venue's rule has apparently seen lax enforcement in the past.

The organization has its own private drunk patrol, we're told. But it looks like officers will be there en masse to help.

The LAPD states:

… Extra police officers will be assigned starting the night before the game to patrol these parks, increase security and make certain that no park ordinances are violated, especially those related to alcohol.

So shape up, Dodger fans. We know you're excited about the whole Magic Johnson thing. Just try not to beat people up this time.

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