News flash: Magic Johnson and his bidding team won the Dodgers for a record $2 billion last night.

And by 4:15 p.m. today, not 24 hours after the big announcement, the team's Opening Day game against the Pittsburgh Pirates is all sold out.

So yeah, if there was any doubt left in anyone's mind that Dodger Stadium seats were empty because of former owner Frank McCourt…

… this pretty much clears that up.

The 2012 season will mark the Dodgers' 50th anniversary, so Opening Day already had that going for it — but the April 10 game will also mark the one-year anniversary of Giants fan Bryan Stow's brutal beating in the parking lot.

(And how fitting that McCourt, who Stow's family sued for slacking on security, should still have a hold on the parking lot. Here's how to boycott McCourt, the rat in the punchbowl.)

In the end, the game isn't entirely sold out, and this is sort of just a marketing ploy to make frantic buyers think they're missing the event of the century and buy a season plan. But who are we to get all critical on this glorious day for Los Angeles, on which the Dodgers officially got their mojo back?

From the team's press room:

A limited number of seats for Opening Day are available through the purchase of Full Season, 25-game Pick 'Em and 15-game Mini Plan packages.

Dodger season ticket options, one of the best values in Los Angeles and all of sports, start at $5 per ticket. The 25-game Pick 'Em and 15-game Mini Plans starting at $8 per ticket are also options for securing Opening Day and any 2012 Dodger giveaways on the promotional calendar.

Cha-ching! And those of us watching the game from home will be paying for it as well, because Magic Johnson's big buy will reportedly be reflected on our cable bills.

A Dodgers spokeswoman tells us that it's more common to sell out Opening Day on a year like 2011, with so much hype surrounding the competition. (The Giants were world champions, their fans planned to fly a “BEAT L.A.” banner over the stadium, etc.) But this ho-hum matchup against the Pirates wasn't expected to do so well.

Magic Johnson to the rescue.

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