Update, April 11: “S.F. Giants Fans on Craigslist Declare Today 'Beat a Dodger Day,' Encourage 'Murder of a Dodgers Fan.'

Update: The Giants add $10,000 to the reward pot, and American Medical Response throws in $5,000 — bringing the total to $25,000. So when are the Dodgers (ahem, Frank McCourt) going to match the ante? *Crickets.*

Outrage is mounting, both in San Francisco and Los Angeles, over Friday's very unsportsmanlike (to say the least) Opening Day beatdown in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

Assault victim Bryan Stow, a 40-year-old Santa Cruz paramedic with two small children who had travelled south to cheer on the Giants, is still in a medically induced coma at the County-USC Medical Center.

The search for his attackers is in full swing:

County superviser Mike Antonovich just posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. Here are the clues so far, via City News Service:

Los Angeles police have released composite sketches of the two attackers, who were 18-25 years old, wearing Dodgers attire and had shaved heads and thin mustaches. One had a small goatee, and the other had numerous tattoos on his neck.

The suspects were driven away by a woman, and a small boy was also in the light-colored, four-door car, police said.

The horrific actions of two competition-crazed jerks have been offset by an outpouring of support for Stow and his family. Facebook group “Our prayers are with Bryan Stow” is approaching 4,000 “likes,” with wall-posters waxing both personal and team-oriented:

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

New details on the moment of attack have also emerged:

The fight occurred in Parking Lot 3, with the two suspects beating the man after he was on the ground.

“At some point the suspects attacked the victim and hit him in the back of the head. The victim fell and hit his head on the pavement. But he continued to be assaulted and kicked,'' Detective Percy Morris said earlier.

“The two friends tried to get away, but when they saw what was happening, they tried to go back to aid their friend, but the crowd was so dense they couldn't get there fast enough,'' he said.

On Friday, as Stow's brain was swelling from the blows, L.A. doctors resorted to removing part of his skull. His family reports that surgeons may also consider removing one of his frontal lobes.

Politicians and team stakeholders released a joint statement Sunday afternoon that condemned the Opening Day Attack.

“The best thing that we as a community of baseball fans can do to support Bryan and his family is to rise above this outrageous act and exercise good sportsmanship and mutual respect for each other,'' they concluded.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt used a little-league Dodgers Dreamfield dedication in South L.A. on Saturday morning as an opportunity to offer his own commentary on the assault. Inappropriately, he got a little defensive of stadium operations:

“You could have 2,000 policemen there, and it's just not going to change that random act of violence,'' McCourt said. “Let's keep in mind that opening day is 56,000 people, it's a lot of people, and the incidents we had relative to that were very, very few. But that said, one is too many.''

Donations toward Stow's medical costs can be made to account No. 118881 at CommonWealth Central Credit Union, through any bank listed at CUSWIRL.com.


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