On Day One of the Dodger divorce case between Frank and Jamie McCourt, our own Gene Maddaus summed up proceedings, helpfully noting the Dodgers began the day six and a half out of the wild card, though last night Hiroki Kuroda threw a gem, taking a no-hitter into the eighth inning for the win. Maybe the divorce is good for the team.

As Maddaus notes, the most interesting thing that came out of the first day of this non-jury trial was the revelation of the name of Jamie's unpublished memoir. According to Frank's lead attorney, Steve Susman, it was “Screaming Meanie: Babes, Baseball and Business.”

Maddaus says that substantively, the key moment was Judge Scott Gordon's ruling that will more or less force each side's lawyers to show the relevance of evidence they're offering related to the dueling marital property agreements, or MPAs, which are the nut of the case. In one, signed in Massachusetts, Jamie seems to have signed away her rights to the Dodgers in exchange for a bunch of homes. In another, signed in California, the Dodgers aren't included in Frank's “separate” property. Frank's lawyers contend the California document is mistaken.

High drama: Frank McCourt will take the stand today.

In other Dodger divorce coverage, frequent Weekly photographer Ted Soqui waited outside the courthouse and got some nice images.

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