Strange days in Dodgerland. On Tuesday the team hired real estate magnate and onetime L.A. mayoral hopeful Steve Soboroff to lend it gravitas and credibility as negative public feelings toward team owner Frank McCourt seamed to peak.

Then, on Wednesday, Major League Baseball said enough is enough with McCourt's management of the Dodgers: It took control.

Now Soboroff is acting like he was blindsided by MLB. He has come to the defense of McCourt (via ESPN):

[It] was a shock. … Let us show the exciting things that we can do, that Los Angeles can do for Major League Baseball.

If Soboroff was hired to fend off an MLB takeover, it sure didn't work.

More from the man:

All this momentum is building and then all of sudden this letter comes in and says, 'You don't have any money. You don't have this or that.' I think it was irresponsible.

Ah, Steve, you're trying to spin this thing backwards like Superman trying to turn back time. All the momentum was decidedly negatory. After the McCourts' dirty divorce continued to make headlines and ownership rights debated by ex-wife Jamie were in dispute, a San Francisco fan was nearly beaten to death on opening day and Frank McCourt …

… did nothing. At first. he dragged his feet as much as they could be dragged. And, reluctantly, he … canceled half-price beer days.

Of course, many Dodgers fans are welcoming the intervention of the MLB. Just not Soboroff.

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