With Magic Johnson and Guggenheim Baseball Management taking over the team, it's a new era at Dodger Stadium.

And what better way to celebrate than to buy you some of those recently reduced $10 tickets for seats way, way up in the top deck and … get high.

Really. There's a dispensary near Dodger Stadium that's more than happy to help:

Higher Path on Sunset Boulevard in Dodger Stadium-adjacent Angeleno Heights is promoting itself as “your official Dodger dispensary,” according to The Eastsider LA.

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It's also offering “Dodger patient discounts.”

We called Higher Path to ask if it had any Dodger-themed strains, a la Blue Ivy. Maybe a little Matt Kemp Hemp? Chad Chillingsly? Perhaps it would honor the late, great Pittsburgh player Doc Ellis with some spaced-out shit called Ellis D?'

No such luck, we were told. (But it does advertise strains called LA Confidential and Green Crack_LA. Go figure).

Anyway, as far as we know, it's still a no-no to smoke that purple in the home of the blue.

However, we did come across this online petition to “dedicate one day to the use of Medical Marijuana, where the right field bleacher is reserved for all medical marijuana patients.”


So far it has three signatures, which is way more than the number of Angelenos who like Frank McCourt.

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