A staple of Asian fashion in recent years, the “circle” contact lenses that give one's eyeballs the appearance of having large, puppy-dog diameters (and that desirous look of a vacant-souled stripper who died with her eyes open) have broken through American pop culture via L.A. resident Lady GaGa's long-running video, “Bad Romance.”

Now the California-based American Academy of Ophthalmology has issued a warning against wearing the decorative lenses because once a group of doctors warns against something and extends the news cycle of a trend, it really scares those kids away.

(And we'll warn here not to buy them in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles, where they lenses are widely available).

The academy notes that the devices are illegal: “Any type of contact lens is a medical device that requires a prescription, proper fitting by an eye care professional and a commitment to proper care by the consumer,” the group states.

The docs warn that the orbs can sting:

Inflammation and pain can occur from improperly fitted, over-the-counter lenses and lead to more serious problems including corneal abrasions and blinding infections.

Did you hear that girls? Inflammation and pain! Like that ever stopped you from pursuing the latest fashion trends. It's gotta be better than piercing.

You know what really hurts when people buy decorative contact lenses? Ophthalmologists' wallets.

LA Weekly