The controversial Millennium Hollywood skyscrapers, which were rushed through approval by L.A. City Council amid intense opposition from community groups, prompted scrutiny of other new developments near the Fault Zone. It turns out two other major projects were partially approved by Los Angeles city officials, and another is, alarmingly, already under construction — all without the seismic studies legally required if a building goes on or near an earthquake fault.

A $200-million six-story project, Blvd 6200, is underway next to the Pantages Theatre without seismic review despite the obvious risk of erecting it next to the active Hollywood Earthquake Fault, an apparent violation of a state law designed to avert human catastrophe. Blvd 6200 is to include more than 500 apartments and 77,000 square feet of retail use.

Until critics of the Millennium twin towers blew the whistle, many didn't know they lived on the active fault, which is capable of a delivering 7 magnitude quake that rupture the ground and split buildings in half. Check this map to see how close your building is to the Hollywood Fault Zone:

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