Due to technical difficulties, the LA Weekly's archive of all homicides within Los Angeles city limits was discontinued near the end of last year. Beginning today, we will be rolling out the 2011 homicides, one by one, until our “Murder was the Case” archive is up to date. Thanks for your patience.

A young black man shot down by LAPD officers after they found him apparently trying to burglarize a home in Green Meadows has been identified as 19-year-old D'nary Fowler.

On the night of January 2, the officers responded to reports of a home-invasion robbery in the 8700 block of South McKinley Place. When they arrived…

… Sergeant Mitzi Grasso of LAPD media relations tells City News Service that, “fearing for the safety of the victims,” they entered the home. There, they found Fowler, an accomplice — estimated to be in his 20s — and five bound adults.

Fowler was reportedly carrying a TEC-9 semiautomatic assault pistol.

The house was “ransacked,” according to the Los Angeles Times:

Police confronted him as he tried to escape out the back door, authorities said. An officer then shot Fowler, who died at a hospital, said Officer Sara Faden of the Los Angeles Police Department.

A second suspect was arrested at the scene. One resident had to be taken to a hospital for minor injuries but has since been released.

Directly following the shooting, it was still unclear whether Fowler had pointed his pistol at the LAPD officers before they gunned him down. The coroner's report shows he died from multiple gunshot wounds.

We've contacted the Force Investigation Division and will update with the status of Fowler's case.

According to commenters on the Times piece, Fowler is survived by at least one child. Did you know the victim? Share below.

Update: LAPD media relations says Fowler's death is still an “ongoing investigation.” However, according to a police report from January 2, the victim did point his gun at officers:

When they arrived, the officers made their presence known and ordered the residents/victims to leave the house. Initially, there was no response. However, while hidden inside the house, one of the victims called the police and gave the officers information on how to navigate their way through the home.

With this information, the officers formulated a rescue plan. During the rescue operation, Officer James Grace, a five-year veteran with the Department, took a cover position near the side door of the residence. As an entry team went into the home, a Black male suspect began to run out of the home through the side door. As he tried to escape, the suspect, armed with a Tec-9 pistol, pointed his gun at Officer Grace and another officer assigned to the operation. Officer Grace recognized the threat of the suspect's gun and an officer involved shooting occurred during which the suspect was struck several times. Personnel from the Los Angeles Fire Department responded and immediately transported the wounded suspect to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead as the result of his injuries.


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