The nu-electro revolution. Boy, that came and went fast. Case in point: British act Simian Mobile Disco, which has moved on to that boom-tss dance-floor sound known as … techno.

You'd have to drag us kicking and screaming to see Steve Aoki or Shiny Toy Guns. But Simian Mobile Disco transcended the neon cheese to create a core groove that has roots in both the electronic underground and the electro-punk ethos. It's 2007 album, Attack Decay Sustain Release, is a knob-twisting bomb. And Simian founder James Ford has worked with the likes of the Klaxons, Muse and more.

This month the duo is marking its techno evolution with the album release Delicacies.

As Simian Mobile Disco is headed to Avalon Saturday for its quarterly “Made in Brazil” party, we asked Simian Mobile Disco partner Jas Shaw a few questions:

You're one of the finest acts to come out of the nu-electro explosion of the late aughts. Are you turning your back on that sound in favor of techno with Delicacies? Can you describe your musical evolution over the last year or so for us?

Shaw: Awww, you make me feel bad about it. To be honest we were only peripherally involved with the nu-electro thing. Even at the time we had strong techno leanings. You can hear that starting to come to the fore on tracks like 'Sleep Deprivation' off our first record. I think think we were most perceived to be linked to that sound by people in the States. I remember one DJ tour in particular where we had a box full of techno and were booked to play at nights where everyone was playing 30 seconds of the noisiest, most bit-reduced electro bangers back-to-back. Brrrrr. The last year has been really fun as we have been DJing instead of doing the live show, which has left us with time to muck about in the studio during the week. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot about making electronic music as well.

Dov Charney of American Apparel has said 'hipster is over.' Do you agree? Why?

He must be shitting it! We don't know much about hipsters so I'd take his word.

We thought L.A. was the capital of the Simian Mobile Disco sound, even if you're from the U.K. How does this city rank on your map of club meccas? Be honest.

I used to be really against L.A., as we always used to get booked at really wangey electro parties. Plus you can't really walk around it, and it's always sunny; I hate the sun. This last year has been great though, I think we are finally finding the good places to play and hang out. That said there are the twin evils of bottle service and photo blogging that you lot really need to get a grip on; it's killing clubbing.

Can you tells about three tracks you've been spinning lately?

-Alan Fitzpatrick, “They Can't Defeat Us,”

-Paul Woolford and Psycatron, “Thunder.”

-Funkineven, “Heart Pound.”

Simian Mobile Disco spins Saturday at “Made in Brazil” at Avalon, 1735 N. Vine St., Hollywood. 21+. Tickets and info.

Download SMD's track “Aspic” here.

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