Felix Da Housecat is a rare survivor of house music's '80s beginnings. An acolyte of DJ Pierre and an O.G. producer in his own right (he put out “Phantasy Girl” in 1987 — 1987!), the DJ has reinvented himself as a contemporary hipster fluent in the neon accents and hip-hop flavorings (he's collaborated with P. Diddy) of modern electronic dance music.

The Chicago spinner is helping the Avaland night at Avalon Hollywood celebrate its sixth anniversary Saturday. We caught up with him recently and tossed him a few questions:

LA Weekly: Whatever happened to the P. Diddy dance album you worked on?

Felix Da Housecat: Thee Diddy album, thee first take from 2002, [with] Jaques Lu Cont, Deep Dish, Nellee Hooper and a few others … is in our vaults. it was called Divided Soul. There will be no outtakes.

What was the inspiration for last year's track, “L.A. Ravers?”

'L.A Ravers' was inspired by Monster Massive — DJ Reza's rave parties every Halloween. It's amazing how L.A. scene is — when it comes to Avalon also. It really inspired me.

How do you feel about some of the darker, techier sounds coming out

to Europe these days?

Hmm. I don't really notice change in different trends or genres. I just play what's good for me! It's a lotta' good electronik music out there. So I been rockin' lotta' booty shakin' house, [with a] lil' teckie here and there.

Can you tells about three tracks that are rocking your box these days?

Nada. Come to Avalon!!! LOL.

Felix Da Housecat headlines Avaland's sixth anniversary party at Avalon, 1635 N. Vine St., Hollywood. 21+. Info.

Check out a recent DJ mix by Felix Da Housecat, here.

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