Mr. C is one of the founding fathers of contemporary electronic dance music. He became a top DJ during the late-'80s dawn of rave culture and soon joined the dance-pop act the Shamen, which was so successful (“Move Any Mountain,” “Ebeneezer Goode”) it was even heard on L.A. radio in the early '90s. He co-founded legendary London club The End, which closed last year, and he was partially responsible, through his labels, for the regeneration of modern techno for a new generation of e-music fans.

On Friday he'll launch a monthly after-hours night at Avalon Hollywood named for his latest label, Superfreq. We recently caught up with him and asked him a few questions.

LA Weekly: In 1992 the Shamen track “Ebeneezer Goode” declared that “E's are good.” Why, in 2010, aren't E's good (or at least popular in the club scene) anymore?

Mr. C: Are they not good anymore? I think they are and every bit as popular as they've always been. Just ask anyone who loves their Molly. The good E's are more expensive now since the vital ingredient has become less available and therefore more expensive. There's also a lot of E's around that aren't MDMA for this very reason which usually aren't my bag but some are pretty decent nonetheless. The track actually says “Eezer Goode,” Eezer being short for Ebeneezer, so no declaration whatsoever about E in the chorus. However, a fun way to listen to the track is to remove the letter H from the word “he” wherever it appears. All will become apparent as this track is 2 parallel songs running side by side. Ha ha ha ha ha.

The closing of the End in 2009 seems to have officially marked the end of London's heyday as the globe's dance music capital (as Berlin seems to have taken over). Do you agree (why are why not)? Do you get a sense that London will make a comeback?

No I don't agree! Of course it's sad for London that it's best ever club is no more but London has a real habit of reinventing itself. London is and always will be the dance music capitol of the world. Berlin has had it's day, it's all about London unless you're a DJ that wants to go to a city with a village mentality and suck up to get famous. I'd call it Sycophant City. There's so many great events going on in London in alternative spaces, not just clubs. You can go out on Thursday night and get home on Monday night without a problem.

You're no stranger to L.A. How does L.A.'s club scene compare to that in other global cities?

The L.A. club scene is amazing and in my humble opinion the best in North America alongside New York. This would be due to so many good collectives like Droog, Alter Ego, Droid, Absurd, Balance, Compression, etc., and now also Superfreq joining the fray, all making a lot of effort to make L.A. wild. Once the punters from these crews unite and start going to each other events, L.A. could well become the best party city in the world. Also the big spots like Avalon and Vanguard bring in some amazing talent and work very hard with the high profile DJs and acts. This can only be great for the city.

Can you tell us three tracks that are at the top of your play list these days?

Ellen Allien, “Flashy Flashy (Alexi Delano remix),” (Bpitch Control).

Guillaume & the Coutu Dumont, “Helicoptere,” (Circus Company).

Audiofly X, “Sweeter Than (Tiefschwarz remix),” (Supernature)

Catch Mr. C Friday at Avalon Hollywood, 1735 N. Vine St., Hollywood. Info.

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