After the madness of Coachella and Record Store Day, DJ of the week is back. This time, it's DJ De Kutt, a formidable DJ, producer, and promoter who originally hails from Nice (that's in France). At the age of 20 she headed to London, working as a manager for one of London's most notorious clubs–TRADE at – Turnmills. She's worked with the likes of Felix da Housecat, Tall Paul, Fergie, and more. And after that, she moved to Miami, finally ending up in L.A. where she works on remixes and other projects under the name French Kiss.

I saw that you collaborated on a project for 2010 LA Pride. Can you tell me a little about that project?

Oh that was a lot of fun! I worked in the studio on a project called “Feelin' Dirty” with Sir JET along with Amanda Abundance. The producers Scott Anderson and Jim Strzalkowski even got to do some rapping on the song too. At LA Pride I was mixing LIVE from the mainstage DJ deck while everyone performed. It was hot!

You are originally from France, yes? What is the club scene like in Paris (or Nice, where you're from) and how does it compare to the club scene in LA?

In all honesty the French scene is either very hip underground or very tacky!!! I hate to say it, but the scene in Los Angeles is quite similar to French scene. Just depends on where you are going on what night and with whom. Right now, I am loving Mr. Black at Avalon on Tuesday nights.

It's 1 am at a club in Palm Springs and you want to pack the dance floor. What three songs do you play to get them there and keep them there?

I actually just got back from playing in Palm Springs!

1. “I Feel Love” Donna Summer (Patrick Cowley remix )

2. “I Like That” Luciana

3. “Blind” Hercules & Love Affair

If you could participate on the remastering and re-release of any record, what would it be and why?

I would love to remix “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. For this project, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with Miss Kittin on it!

I see that you played the Ace Hotel recently. Any good stories about that?

While at Ace Hotel, I was playing “I Like That” by Luciana, and who walks in? Luciana herself! Everyone was shocked! What perfect timing! We partied and hang out, it was great!

How did you get started DJing in LA?

My first gig was at Geisha House. Unbeknownst to me, I was playing for a lot of Hollywood and West Hollywood promoters and club owners in the room that night. It ended up being a great experience because I got so many other DJ gigs from it. You never know who you are playing for sometimes.

What is your favorite club to DJ in LA and why?

My favorite club, hands down, is Boobytrap! It was the first club I went to and I LOVED IT! I guest DJ for them now and it is a blast!! Music is always so cutting edge. My other favorite is French Kiss, of course! We have built up a very loyal following and we always have so much fun.

Tell me about your first time DJing. Was it scary?

I hate to admit it, but the whole DJ career started as a bluff. Back when I was living in London, I told a promoter that I was a big DJ in France. He booked me without even hearing me play! I had never DJ'd in my life. I ran right out to buy vinyl records to play at the gig. I put them together at my DJ friend's house. Et voila!!! It was so thrown together. But, I pulled it off and the rest is history.

Anything you'd like to add?

A lot of my career in Los Angeles was helped by some good friends. All DJs in Los Angeles should check out NEXT Music Group. They are a fabulous resource as a record pool, management company and they even can help DJs get bookings. Bob Kechter from NEXT really helped my career – he's wonderful. Also, check out! It is a great site about the scene and I pop up on there from time to time. Thanks for the great interview! I'm going back to enjoying the beautiful L.A. sun now.



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