DJLargeDJ Minx Revives Women On Wax: Detroit house and techno artist DJ Minx got her start after being inspired by a trip to the Music Institute in downtown Detroit.

“I had gone there for a few weeks, before heading up to the DJ booth to watch the DJ play,” she says. “The DJ was Derrick May. I was intrigued by his profession and the way he could make the crowd scream. Once I became interested, some friends of mine gathered equipment for me, and I started practicing in my downtown Detroit apartment. Things started to get real when I saw Moodyman in the crowd, watching me play music. Not once, but several different clubs I played in, he was in the audience, but at the end of my set, he was gone. One night, I saw him in the audience, but he stayed this time. He walked up to me when I was finished and asked if I was ready to start my label. He said he would help me start it up and would help with distribution. He said it was the next step in my career, and I needed to do it.”

Today, she describes her sound as “four on the floor, disco, hard House, groove with some techno sprinkled here or there.”

Minx feels that electronic music is evolving into several different types of sounds.

“You need to have an open mind when listening to and looking for music, but there are so many different genres out here,” she says. “It takes double the amount of time for me to find the kind of music that I love, but I’m discovering a lot of new grooves along the way.”

Minx recently received the beloved Women On Wax label for Pride Month, and has celebrated by releasing the DJ MinxPresents Queendom Vol. 1 compilation.

“After leaving my 9-to-5 in early 2019, I moved on to a different booking agency,” she says. “Soon after that, I began traveling more. The pandemic hit, so I was able to create plenty of tracks and learn more about music production. Once I got a new manager, and things started to pick up, I began working with more production artists and continued to create music. I started to travel quite a bit, so there was no time to dedicate to the label. I thought of the idea of releasing a compilation of various artists produced by LGBTQ+ artists. June is Pride month, and I wanted the first release to be during that time. We accumulated tracks for the  compilation and with them – felt the time was right for the rebirth of Women On Wax.”

The artist is about to perform at MOCA with Moodymann and ERNO.

“You can expect a signature feet stomping, head bopping set,” she says. “I’m ready to make you move!”

Meanwhile, she’s psyched to be performing in Palms Springs for Splash House.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful people,” she says. “I have never been to Palm Springs, nor have I played there, but I saw on the website and it looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast! I’m elated!”

Looking ahead, Minx has much planned for the second half of 2023.

“For the remainder of the year, I will be playing in Ibiza again (and again),” she says. “I will be playing with my Detroit Love family, I have a date in London, going back to Berlin, and several dates in the US. I have more releases coming out on my label, Women On Wax Recordings, with remixes from artists I only dreamed of working with. I’m excited about it all.”

DJ Minx Revives Women On Wax: The DJ Minx Presents Queendom Vol. 1 compilation is out now via Women On Wax.




























































































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