Heavy rock/nu-metal songstress Amira Elfeky told as about going down rabbit holes for a Deftones gem.

Amira Elfeky: The first time I heard Saturday Night Wrist, I was 16 years old on the way to Warped Tour with my best friends. “Hole in the Earth” started playing, and it sent me into a Deftones rabbit hole that ultimately led to my obsession with them. 

The absolute euphoria that album invokes is just insane; it literally feels like warm sunlight. When I was 18, I was in a rock band, and I really wanted to sound loud and heavy, but you could never hear my voice over the instrumentals. I was so frustrated because I have such a soft voice, so I kept trying to push and strain my voice. But I remember listening to all of  Deftones discography and it was like a lightbulb and an introduction to another world of vocals. 

SaturdayNightWrist Maverick


The thought that I could use my voice as an instrument, like that the little inflections in each word and melody could hold just as much weight as someone screaming or belting, was mind-boggling to me. Over the years, I’ve really leaned into what my voice can and can’t do and respect my limits, but I just use emotions to drench my top lines which is something that Deftones is notorious for.   ❖

Amira Elfeky’s Skin to Skin EP single is out now.



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