Ladytron “Runaway”

Looking for a good, weekly dose of obscure tunes, then tune into tonight from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. for Minimal LA. Hosted by Eden Saiga, founder of the DIY promotion group of the same name, and friends, the show focuses on minimal wave, noise, post-punk and whatever else strikes the DJs' fancy. As with their parties, there will be a hearty dose of local bands represented during the six-hour shift.

Saiga, who also DJs with the popular East LA crew Chicos, launched Minimal LA last year. Since then, the electronic-oriented group has booked both house parties and shows at venues like The Smell, supporting a slew of local bands. According to a MySpace bulletin sent by Minimal LA, the new radio show is part of a plan to expand the group's influence across the city. A new publication, We Used to Be Commoners, is in the works, as well as a J-rock, cosplay-friendly party.

In the meantime, here are some tracks we would love to hear on Minimal LA.

Mark Lane “The Poison for Me”

The Tear Garden “Sheila Liked the Rodeo”

ADULT. “I Feel Worse When I'm With You”

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