Yeah, yeah — Vegas is pretty tops for NYE, but keep an open mind.

The Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim has unveiled a fourth *magical* suite in its new series: the 750-square-foot Fairy Tale Suite. And let us tell you — it is fucking baller. If princesses could ball.

Or, if you prefer to do your princess balling in more of a humble Snow White setting, six-person log palace Big Thunder next door might “suite” your 2011 somewhat better. Teehee.

A rep for the resort said New Year's rates will be among the highest of the year — comparable to summer, even. That is, about $950 for the two-person Fairy Tale Suite, or around $4,000 for Big Thunder. But hey: who needs a bed on New Year's? You know the drill. Get a big enough group together, and you'll only be pitching a Benjamin each. Making your only obstacle an army of skeptical bellhops. They were young too once, right?

Oh, and then there are the hotel-reservation operators, who seem to be screening for riff-raff and won't book you for New Year's before “sending a request to the vacation planning department.” In other words, try to sound like you're clutching a major credit card.

The suites are cheapest in mid-January –about $650 and $3,000 — so if you're willing to hold out for a belated New Year's celebration, you might have enough left over to splurge on another semi-trailer of Andre. (Meanwhile buying more time until your gym resolution must necessarily go into effect.)

Heather Hust Rivera gushes about the Fairy Tale Suite on the Disney Parks blog:

“The focal point in the suite's bathroom is a beautiful hand-cut mosaic of a stylized Sleeping Beauty Castle. The mirror disguises a TV and the double vanity countertop twinkles with shooting stars. Domes and Corinthian columns mix thematically with an abundance of modern amenities, including a steam shower and Jacuzzi tub with chromo-therapy.”

Is there anything better, really, than reliving childhood fantasies while enjoying adult beverages? Additional toys include a crystal castle encased in the wall, a marble foyer, glass furniture, a royal canopy bed and a flat-panel TV that “magically” ascends at the touch of a button (whew — technology).

Big Thunder is less fantastical, but charming all the same. Just picture yourself hanging from the lantern chandelier:

Credit: Disney Parks

Credit: Disney Parks

Or, back at the castle, waking up to Tigger in the rose-petal tub:

Credit: Disney Parks

Credit: Disney Parks

Like “The Hangover,” only silly! (Yes, Disney, we're dead serious about doing Minnie Mouse on the glitter sheets. From here on out, what happens in Disneyland, stays in Disneyland.)

But uh, legally or whatever, you didn't hear it here. Call (714) 956-6425 to get actual reservation information. And don't mention the chandelier thing.

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