One of Disneyland's oldest rides, “Alice in Wonderland,” has been temporarily closed after a inspector pointed out that it lacked handrails for maintenance crews.

According to The Orange County Register, Disney and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health were alerted about the issue after a state official, who was at the park on a unrelated matter, saw a maintenance worker on the track of the ride.

According to reports, the elevated rail segment near the end of the ride lacks handrails or barriers for maintenance workers. Park spokeswoman Suzi Brown said that park workers would install scaffolding along the segment.

A four-minute ride that takes guest on rail-guided caterpillar-shaped cars, the ride features scenes from the classic 1951 animated movie.

Though a re-opening date has not yet been set, the ride is expected to re-open in the next few weeks.

LA Weekly