We always suspected Cinderella was just a golddigger. How much would you be willing to fork over for a birthday cake for your little princess? How about $112.05 for a 6-inch cake at Disneyland Disney World? (To be fair, that includes a “princess” balloon centerpiece, crystal-adorned tiara, photo-op with Cinderella AND tax and gratuity. But not lunch. That's separate.)

Disney World's new “Her Royal Highness Package” is being offered at the Orlando, Fla. theme park's Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant (upstairs in Cinderella's Castle), according to the Disney Food Blog (not associated with the Walt Disney Co.). The vanilla or chocolate cake is decorated with your choice of Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella or Tiana. According to the park's advertisement for the package: “Each princess cake design features a plastic princess bodice [they mean a bust, but Disney doesn't say 'bust'] atop a cone-shaped cake decorated to represent the chosen princess' dress. This cone-shaped layer is set upon a round cake, perfectly decorated to showcase the chosen princess.”

Just for comparison purposes, you can order a 12-inch genuine princess cake — a European yellow cake layered with pastry cream and raspberry preserves, frosted with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream and cloaked in green marzipan, decorated with a ribbon swag design adorned with tiny rosettes and daisies — for $110 from Sweet Lady Jane.

But if you'd rather have a tiny, crappy, overpriced cake, you can order the “exclusive” package at Cinderella's Royal Table by calling (407) 824-4477 or emailing wdw.crt.special.events@disney.com. Allow at least seven days advance notice for the purchase of this option. That is, after you have secured your dining reservation at Cindy's spot, which the blog recommends you make six months in advance.

According to the blog, “Food is adequate here, but that's not really what you're paying for anyway. You're paying to eat INSIDE the castle and meet the Fairy Godmother, Suzy and Perla, and perhaps a princess or two.” Um, yay. The blogger adds: “Cinderella and other princesses can only be guaranteed to visit tables during breakfast,” which is pre-plated.

The lunch menu includes six entrees for adults, including vegetarian “cassoulet” and “pork three ways.” Kids get two choices, chicken nuggets or beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and corn. No prices are listed on the online menu (the Disney website estimates the cost at $36-$59.99 per person for lunch or dinner). Pre-payment is required, and an 18% service charge is included in the price of each meal. But hey, your little angel gets to keep that plastic “bodice,” a souvenir she'll treasure forever.

Mickey is laughing all the way to the mouse bank, where Scrooge McDuck is counting stacks of chumps' gold.

(If you'd like to blow money on an overpriced Disney treat closer to home, try one of these Belle caramel apples for $14.95, which debuted last summer at Disneyland.)

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