Man, there was a lot of stuff at the D23 Expo this past weekend. And the weird thing is, it seemed like there wasn't enough stuff. Check out photos in the Disney slideshow and read more in “Disney Expo Channels Peter Pan.”

Disney is famously hush-hush about how many people actually attend their events (“tens of thousands” is the best guess for D23). I went on Friday and Saturday. I saw enough mouse ears to last a lifetime. A few neat things:

I just love the guy in this photo. He was wandering around looking happy and overwhelmed.

Captain EO costume, worn by MJ

Captain EO costume, worn by MJ

This is Michael Jackson's original Captain EO costume. Below are his boots. This was from the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit. Can you imagine how much this thing is worth now? Also, I hear they're bringing back the Captain EO ride/show.

Not too many people in costume. Just enough to keep it interesting. If D23 repeats next year, hopefully more people dress up.

Did you know you can buy Disney color scheme paint? “Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue” and “Pixie Dust” white, for example.

Disney paint by Behr

Disney paint by Behr

Mouse eggs. Mouse nuggets.

Seven dwarves. One of them sings. Why only one? Dwarf discrimination.

Dragon in a bag. Those Hefty bags are strong! Is that all it takes to slay a dragon?

Check out the new Tron Legacy Lightcycle. From the looks of it: hella uncomfortable.

I really wanted this painting.

There was a whole Alice in Wonderland tea party section. The actors did not break character even once.

Model of Captain Nemo's Nautilus ship. This thing was beautiful. Photo below it is of Davy Crockett's original coonskin cap. Unlike the ones you can buy in Frontierland, this cap has a face.

Tinkerbell makeup station. I did not know Tinkerbell wears makeup. Lots of little girls were getting glitter eyes.

There is a whole Disney limited edition pin subculture happening in the world today. The pins are a very big deal. Cost ranges from $5 to $100 per pin, sometimes more. Do not fuck with the pin people. They will jack you up.

Need more pins.

Need more pins.

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