The Riverside County city of Menifee is not even two years old, but it's already dealing with some grown-up problems.

On Thursday, City Manager George Wentz resigned after an audit found that he had approved payments to an outside firm that were twice what was allowed under the city's contract. Wentz just happened to be managing partner of that firm, and he received bonuses based on the company's performance. Whoops!

The audit also found many other financial irregularities, but Wentz said Thursday that's not why he's resigning:

“My resignation has nothing to do with the audit. Zip, zero, zilch,” Wentz said following a closed-door meeting with the City Council discussing the terms of his departure. “I just felt that attention needs to be refocused on more important city issues and community needs like the growth of the city, not where the attention has been.”

Wentz was given a three-month severance of $92,000. He bought a home in the city earlier this year with $25,000 in relocation expenses paid by the city.

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