Since the Los Angeles Times prefers the cleaner version of Matt Kemp's words — requiring “We'll see, bitch” instead of “We'll see…” — we thought you'd appreciate the actual quote, as tweeted by the Times' Dylan Hernandez above.

“Bitch” is one way to describe Padres' Carlos Quentin, certainly. Dodger fans — and Dodgers — can think of a few more. The tame ones include “idiot,” courtesy of Don Mattingly.

Opening the bottom of the sixth inning of last night's game at Petco Park, Dodgers leading 2-1, Zack Greinke hits Carlos Quentin with a 3-2 pitch. The two have history, apparently — the usual glare-stare-you-talkin-to-me, you-talkin-to-me?! ensues — Quentin charges the mound and all hell breaks loose. Benches and bullpens empty, Kemp leads the L.A. charge, goes ape-wire on Quentin, has to be restrained, has to be restrained a second time, former-Padre Jerry Hairston takes exception to some San Diego dugout antics and it's a bleeping mess all the way around.

The result? Kemp, Hairston and Quentin are ejected, Dodgers win 3-2 on a Juan Uribe pinch-hit home run, of all things, and oh, by the way, Greinke has a broken collarbone, with a prognosis coming this afternoon. I'm guessing six to eight weeks and an unmitigated disaster for Los Angeles.

With Aaron Harang traded – no, I'm not second guessing the move for a minute, and I'm glad he's gone – the Dodgers can move Chris Capuano into Greinke's rotation spot, and should take that course. Probably will. They might opt for struggling and rehabbing Ted Lilly instead, keeping Capuano in the pen, or they might try something different all together.

Javy Guerra's being stretched out as a starter in Albuquerque, so perhaps he takes Capuano's place in the bullpen, with Capuano replacing Greinke. A creative way to go.

Suspensions are sure to follow, or suspension, singular, with Quentin being the man punished. Eric Stephen, of True Blue L.A., reports that home plate umpire Sam Holbrook tabbed Greinke the “instigator,” while declining to say what the Dodger pitcher said to get the ball rolling. An emphatic “take your base” or a “take your base, dick” sounds about right.

Whatever. Quentin's the guy who chose to charge the mound instead of strolling to first. He's the idiot, as Mattingly suggested. He's the guy who'll be sitting out a week or ten days without pay, while Greinke nurses his broken wing for what could be months. He's the guy who altered the course of division play for no apparent reason.

The Dodger skipper summed it up perfectly after the game: “[Quentin] caused the whole thing. Nothing happens if you go to first base like in baseball you know you do, because you know he's not throwing at you 3-2, in a 2-1 game. That's zero understanding of the game of baseball.” Precisely.

Everything will be sorted out over the weekend while Los Angeles plays the Dbacks three in Arizona. The Padres come to Dodger Stadium for a three-game set beginning Monday, where scores will be settled, unfortunately, because that's what happens in baseball. It's silliness, but that's baseball. There will be brushback pitches thrown by both sides, hit batters galore – one or two, at a minimum – probably a bench clearing and a dose of insanity, with both clubs contributing their fair share.

When Greinke threw down the glove last night and Quentin ran at him, the first thought that popped into my head was, “please, no suspension, no major injuries, it's not worth it.” I'll be thinking the exact same thing throughout next week's series. I'm worried about Monday's starter Chad Billingsley, in particular, and I'm worried about Matt Kemp breaking a bone on someone's face. I'm more worried about the bone than the face.

And I am not confident about cool heads prevailing. Ever-so-slightly cool-er heads, maybe, but cool heads, no.

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