Theirs is a carbon footprint that resonates centuries later, and now, it's truly possible to observe and understand the awesome power of the giant creatures that once walked the Earth! Walking With Dinosaurs, a special effects–filled extravaganza based on the BBC program that brought snarling, fighting, roaring dinosaurs into your living room, comes to the Staples Center for seven spectacular shows. Johnny and Jill can sit back in the house that Kobe roams and instead be enthralled by T Rex, Stegosaurus, Plateosaurus and Utahraptor — each of the 17 creatures lifesize, some 36 feet tall and 56 feet long, and authentic. The event's producers note that “a team of 50 engineers, fabricators, skin makers, artists and painters, and animatronic experts took a year to build the original production.” Walking With Dinosaurs brings to life the dinosaurs' evolution, including the climate and tectonic changes that affected Earth during their lifetimes. Watch as dinosaurs interact, as “they evolved to walk on two legs, and how the herbivores fended of the more agile predators.” You'll see Earth split into continents, the arid desert of the Triassic period evolve into the lush, green prairies of the later Jurassic. Oceans form, volcanoes erupt, and forests catch fire! Twenty-five trucks haul to L.A. $20 million worth of 10 species that hail from the 200-million-reign of the most fascinating creatures to roam the Earth. So run to Walking With Dinosaurs!

Sept. 9-15, 2010

LA Weekly