Dear Mr. Gold:

Not everyone who attends the Oscars can go to the studio parties or the Governors Ball. But after the three-hour show, while looking fabulous, where can we go to dine at 9 p.m. on a Sunday night? Been to The Ivy too many times. Someplace with decor worthy of formal attire. On such a special night, price is not exactly a main consideration.

—Evalia, Los Angeles


Dear Evalia:

My first thought was, of course, Craft — with the Vanity Fair party canceled, there would have to be lots of glamorous tables available — but the restaurant is, unfortunately, closed on Sunday. I think I'd love drifting into Mozza in a tux. Comme Ca is always a wonderful place to stop by late: great oysters, champagne, gooey cheese, coq au vin and cocktails that may or may not incorporate absinthe. The Polo Lounge serves late. But still, I might go with the counterintuitive choice of Spago. Sure, Mr. Puck and his legions will be busy at the Governors Ball, and the paparazzi who usually crowd the valet stand will be elsewhere, but the cooking is not exactly sad, it's open later than you might think, and the patio is one of the dressiest bits of acreage in Beverly Hills — always a terrific place to make an entrance. At press time, there were still reservations available on Open Table. 176 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills. (310) 385-0880.

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