Dig Underway for Body of Boy who Disappeared 40 Years Ago, Believed Murdered by Serial Killer

Photos of the victims.Photos of the victims. Police officials search for the remains of a 15-year- old San Fernando Valley boy killed by a LA serial murderer 40 years ago, and will carry out excavations near two freeway ramps in Ventura County, 23 Freeway at Tierra Rejada Road in Moorpark. LAPD officers, aided by dozens of FBI agents and police from other agencies, were planning to dig in an area where four police dogs have indicated that human bones have been buried. The body is suspected to be buried at least three feet down. The dig may take as long as 10 days to complete.; Credit: Ted Soqui

On Monday amidst a media crush, dozens of law enforcement officers and forensic experts began digging up a small bit of land just off the 23 Freeway in Moorpark, dubbed the �safest city in Ventura County,� in hopes of finding the remains of 15-year-old Roger Dale Madison, snatched from his family 40 years ago and believed murdered by serial killer Mack Ray Edwards.

Awaiting orders from their handlers were four corpse-sniffing dogs that had already �alerted� authorities to possible human remains buried there. Once the bulldozer removes the top layer of soil, police will use shovels, followed by tooth brushes, to carefully unearth any bones.

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