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Did a sometime Southern California man confess to murder on the website Reddit? A user on the site who identified himself as Naratto used one of Reddit's memes, the so-called confession bear, to say:

My sister had an abusive meth-addict boyfriend. I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it as an overdose.

Interestingly, the Redditor community, which was up in arms over journalist Adrian Chen's outing of one of its users as a pilferer and poster of photos of underage girls, quickly went to work to unmask this user known as Naratto.

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit

The trail seems to have led to a 24-year-old sometime San Diegan named Colton “Colt” Goodbrand.

His social media postings and other links depict him as a pot smoker whose mother owned a dispensary in San Diego.

This guy does have a sister about 29 years old, a sister who might have said, in response to this controversy:

My brother lives in another country, not sure what he does online. It's an ill-advised prank. I know no one who has overdosed and my brother is a scrawny gamer.

Credit: Goodbrand on MySpace

Credit: Goodbrand on MySpace

So is Goodbrand, a former Navy recruit who called himself the “Canadian ninja” on MySpace, the Reddit poster in question, and did he do what he say he did?

In a follow-up post, Naratto responded:

There is SOME truth behind it, but I'm not saying what was true and what wasn't. Sure you can find information about ME, but linking me to something that happened is completely different.

Gawker breaks it all down here.

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