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*Katt Williams Tour Canceled Amid Bizarre Behavior, Arrests.

Another lawsuit involving Katt Williams' showtime behavior has surfaced, and this one seems to correlate with a YouTube video (after the jump) of a confrontation with an audience member in Seattle.

Carlos Castro-Lino of Kent, Washington, claims that, at the L.A.-based comedian's show at the Paramount Theater in Seattle Nov. 30, “Williams struck Castro in the back of the head with his microphone.”

Video shows the stand-up performer venturing into the audience and …

… bonking the guy (or some guy), apparently, with the mic, sending a loud pop through the theater's sound system.

The sound and boldness of the action are almost shockingly funny until you think to yourself, Damn — had to hurt.

Afterward, according to the video, Williams says, “Record me after I say don't and see what happens to you. Let me see your mic recording me and see what happens.”

He continues:

Don't worry — if you don't like it I'll be here all night. Go home and get your raggedy pistol and bring it back. I already got mine …

Katt Seattle Lawsuit

The suit says Williams allegedly got behind Castro-Lino's third-row seat and took aim with the mic; it claims a witness described Williams taking a “baseball swing.” It says the plaintiff was hospitalized and treated with pain killers for a concussion and a contusion.

The document also says Castro-Lino suffered emotional distress as a result of the encounter.

The claim alleges that organizers knew Williams was “unstable” before the show, witnessed the situation, did nothing, and let the show go on.

Castro-Lino filed a police report; the document expresses confidence in the idea that local authorities might file suspicion of assault charges against the comedian in connection with the confrontation.

The plaintiff is asking for $1 million in damages.

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